Introducing PrimeTime!

Founded by Will "ZevHadar" Hirschtick and Chris "itsmeChis" Kornaros, PrimeTime is a content creation and brand management company focusing on professional athletes in the streaming and esports space. We realize that numerous athletes, like the rest of us, play and enjoy playing video games. Whether that's for the social aspect of it with friends or the competitive nature, gaming brings us all together. With the streaming platforms and personalities reaching mainstream popularity in 2018, we are seeing more crossover between gaming and sports than ever before. With this rise in popularity, more and more professional athletes are venturing into the world of streaming and gaming content.

That's where PrimeTime comes in.

We work hands-on with professional athletes at all levels and stages of their career to develop a strong brand in both the streaming and general online markets. Furthermore, we provide our clients with graphic design and video editing services to help them create the best content possible. Will has over a decade of experience in the gaming industry working as an editor and designer— on top of having an MBA in Media Management. Will's experience speaks for itself. He edited videos for Machinima for almost six years and videos for TGN for eight months before running one of their channels. Chris has a strong understanding of brand development and marketing in esports as well as extensive experience in talent management. He's worked with top talent in the esports industry at several major events. Most noticeably as a player-manager for the 2019 DreamHack Masters in Dallas— where he worked with top teams such as Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, G2, ENCE, and many more.

There were hundreds of billions of minutes watched on the streaming platforms Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer in 2019. 2018 saw tens of billions of dollars spent on marketing by gaming companies. With all of that on the table, what are you waiting for?